The Equinox Roof

Bright, spacious and airy, your conservatory is a great addition to your home. But as the seasons roll by, changing temperatures can make it uncomfortable to be in – too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter months.

The Equinox tiled roof is the perfect solution. Combining high-quality precision engineering with attractive styling inside and out, you’ll be adding valuable extra usable space to your home without the high cost of building an extension. It all goes to make the Equinox tiled roof the best value way to improve your lifestyle.

  • Pocket energy bill savings

    The fully insulated roof design achieves U- values as low as 0.15 roughly 10 times more efficient than an A – rated window. This exceptional thermal performance minimises heat loss – which translates into reduced energy bills.

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  • 365 day comfort

    Enjoy your conservatory whatever the weather! Come rain or shine, you will experience comfortable temperatures all year round with an Equinox tiled roof.

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  • Reduce noise and glare

    Glass and polycarbonate roofs produce glare in direct sunlight and become noisy during rain or hail showers. Equinox dramatically reduces these issues so you can use your space undisturbed.

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  • Fully guaranteed

    The Equinox tiled roof system is guaranteed for ten years, so you can be sure that you’re buying a robust, well- designed, precision-made product that’s built to last. There’s even a warranty on tiles of up to 50 years.

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